Monday, May 9, 2011

Use This Fork?

I am very much a proponent for entertaining at home, the key is to do it with your own finesse. I don't believe in being a stickler for rules and regulations in the comfort of my own home, but I always share knowledge and let people decide what they opt to do at their parties.   Are you often confused about which piece of cutlery or flatware to use and when during the meal?  Well, we are going to show an overview of place settings of the basic meals we eat. Here is a formal place setting for Dinner.  Hopefully the labels are easy to read. Again, this is an example and you may find others offer a slightly different arrangement. On occassion, you may find your dessert spoon and fork at the 12 noon location at the tip of the plate, facing in opposite directions of each other and stacked if you will.

Here is an example of a lunch place setting:

And last but not least , here is an example of a Breakfast setting:

For specific placement refer to an etiquette site or book if you are concerned with rules and regulations related to placement.  The easiest advice I can offer is to use your flatware from the outside in. Meaning use the flatware furthest out for the courses being served. Think in order of the courses. Salad, Dinner, Dessert. Use the fork furthest out, that should be your salad fork and so on until dinner is over.  At the end of the day, as a host you want your guest to be at ease and enjoy themselves.
Thanks to replacements Inc. for the pictures.
Happy Hosting
Lisa Elliott


  1. Good guidelines to follow for Western style menus. It's completely different when eating Indian, Chinese or Japanese food!

  2. Can you give some guildelines on other culture settings?