Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Graduation Graduates!!! Class of 2011

As graduates prepare to enter college or the workforce, the feat of graduating is one to be celebrated. This accomplishment is a wonderful mix of completion and newness, as they enter the next phase of their lives. Whatever these newbies chose to do in their new lives, a loud and boisterous or calm and casual event should be held to say "Well Done".

Invite family and friends over, use your backyard to hold them all and keep them happy with great cook-out food. One of the easiest menus to date is cook out food. For decor use the school colors for partyware and balloons.  Incorporate the honorees yearbooks, yearbook pictures and any item that reflects their activities. For example a cheerleader:A megaphone and pom poms, if a soccer player, soccer balls and cleats as part of the main table decor. You get the idea. Make it about their journey through high school or college. Of course, the best item on the table should be the senior picture. If possible and enough room, display a school picture from Kindegarten through the culmination of graduation.

However you do it, just do it!!!! (nod to NIKE)
In honor of all the classes of 2011!  CONGRATUALTIONS!!!!!  Well Done.

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Happy Hosting!
Lisa Elliott

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  1. Did just this on Saturday- one of the girls from our church graduated- and her family is from CA- so we let them use the house with bar-b-que etc for the after graduation party- put a few minor decorations around and the house looked like a regular 'graduation party venue'-