Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cupcake Crazy

I must admit this post is factual but completely selfish. I am addicted to cupcakes and have been before they became the phenom they are now. Nothing frustrated me more than not being able to buy an individual cupcake just a few years ago. Now I can buy one on every corner. Cupcake boutiques are popping up everyday across the states. And we can't get enough!  One thing is for sure you can't go wrong with cupcakes and these days they are coming in all shapes and sizes. They have even made there way into weddings, celebrity bashes and they are being stuck on sticks too. The ones on sticks are called cake pops. Don't let that confuse you, they are quite tasty and follow suit with the many theme related and exceptional displays they can create.  Take a bite and live a little.

Happy Hosting!
Lisa Elliott
The Haute Host

1 comment:

  1. I enjoy good cupcakes and recently became addicted to Cake Pops of all photos at first. Need to learn to make them now.
    The sure look adorable in photos :)

    The Souper