Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Capture the Moments - Take a Picture - Say Cheese

Nothing is better than hosting a party and the next day just smiling knowing that a good time was had by all. Capturing spontaneous moments throughout the evening is a great way to start a photo album and remember the little things...possibly a little blackmail material might be applicable too. :-) Taking pictures also relaxes people when taken in groups and can initiate conversations. I love pictures and looking back at them at a later date is also good fun.  Of course I think everyday you are alive is reason enough to party, but if you have lots of pictures then throw a picture party. Why not?  You know I can give you ideas on how to do it. If you want shots from different perspectives, have several cameras and incorporate it into your evening. Pass the cameras around at a certain time or assign it to a few people who you know will do a good job. Now what shall you use to take the pictures? We suggest using old faithful.....the upgraded version. Polaroid. A new model by Lady Gaga is being released, but again, old faithful. There are many choices for digital, but I like instant gratification. People seeing their photos immediately creates smiles and laughter.  Here is a great option, but you can always pick your own. Say PARTY!

Happy Hosting!
Lisa Elliott

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  1. Wondering if you are going to blog any more or if you are done with your blog. You commented on my site last year and I was out looking around and saw yours again...but you haven't written for awhile. Thought I would check in. Hope all is well ~ The Good Idea Girl