Sunday, May 1, 2011

Party Favors and Prizes!

Hello my fellow Haute Hosts!
Want your guests to remember your party or anticipate your next one?  I love to give prizes to my guests for winning games or as a take home treat related to a themed party.  Here are a few examples you can use. Host a game night and have a team or individual win a board game or personalized pack of playing cards.  During the holidays give a small tree ornament to your guests as they leave. Hosting a girlfriend brunch, or spa day? Treat the girls to a mini spa kit for their nails or give a mini brunch recipe book to all in attendance. I had a wine tasting and during the event we played fun games and I gave away bottles of wine and openers to the winners; but to keep everyone smiling I gave everyone that didn't win anything neat wine stoppers.  These little items do not have to be expensive and you will find that it really makes your guests feel special. You can't help but notice the smiles when they open them. Since I love a great party, I enjoy wrapping my gifts and/or favors, although I'm sure your guests would appreciate them wrapped or unwrapped.  Play with some ideas and try it out you, you cannot go wrong. Check out a few pics of  the items mentioned! Let us know what you have given away as a party favor.  Need help planning your next party? Contact us at
Wine stopper - winediva

Happy Hosting
Lisa Elliott


  1. The mini spa kit is such a great idea for a girlfriend brunch! It is true that guest like to have a little something to bring home with them! Great post!

  2. Thanks for posting Marie Noelle!

  3. Great ideas! I love to give decorating sugar cookies away as a favor. Two of three of them in a plastic bag with a pretty tie makes a nice gift.