Sunday, May 8, 2011

Themes To Do!

The HAUTE HOST often hears "I don't know what to do when I entertain, or how to pull off a theme." Well we are here to help, and to get you off and running we will start a series called "Themes To Do". We will cover some themes from start to finish. The coverage will inlcude the invitation, food, decorations, and entertainment. We will do it on Tuesdays. So look for Theme Tuesdays :-)
We have some themes up our sleeves of course, but if you have one in mind, post it here or email us at and we will try our best to do it!

As always, contact us for planning your next party or event and or questions or ideas for your party.

Happy Hosting!
Lisa Elliott


  1. I have to host alot- so I look forward to any ideas or suggestions you have to offer.

  2. I have hosted many parties through the years and it is all about a theme...then everything else falls into place. The invite sets the tone of the party and indicates what kind of party; how to dress; what to expect in terms of theme etc.
    If not a B.Day or Grad.Day or Religious Event...then theme is open to whatever inspires you. Seasonal? Hobby? Plain Celebration theme?
    Inspiration comes from personal taste, then decorations and food follow.
    Inspiration from colors/foods/seasonal...oh I should really be a party planner...gets me excited to organize a party :)

  3. You are correct. We covered the invite in one of our earlier posts, but you hit it onthe head. Stay tuned for tomorrow's theme! and thanks for reading.