Friday, May 13, 2011

Quick Trick for Hors d'oeuvres/Snacks

The easiest snack to create to date is using phyllo dough. Yes, dough. Everyones loves crisp, flaky dough wrapped around or covering up a variety of options. Phyllo dough is easy to store and can create delicious desserts or meat and/or vegetable snacks. The most common way this dough has been used is wrapped around spinach and feta cheese in triangular shapes then baked. This tasty snack is called SPANAKOPITA.  Phyllo dough can also be used in desserts and tied in small parcels called PURSES. Add some fruit preserve and toppings in phyllo cups and you have a great dessert. The ease of the dough allows anyone to create almost anything and it is always scrumptious. Check out for recipes and other uses.  We posted some pictures to get your creative juices flowing. Let us know if you use any!

Happy Hosting!

Lisa Elliott


  1. visiting from Lady Bloggers. I can't say I have ever felt brave enough to use phyllo dough :)

  2. Found your site from the Lady Blogger Social Tea Society. Enjoying your appetizer tips. Great photos, too.