Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's day ideas at home

No reservations for Brunch on Mother's Day? Good. Let's be real, how many brunches can your mother take, year after year. Ok if it is a new mom, she can experience the brunch rush :-) So for those looking for something different, simply focus on your mom. Take a minute and think about what it is she likes, or likes to do and plan something special around that. Here's what we mean.

1. Breakfast in bed - Is your mommie a foodie? Well prepare mom a fabulous breakfast and bring it to her in bed and don't forget her favorite flower. Give her a gift of a cooking class at home. See the bedtray by Palau.

2. Fine dinning- If your mommie loves eating out, set the table and prepare a fine dinner for her. This should be a meal similar to what she loves when she goes out to eat. When we say set the table, we mean use the special dishes, glasses and table linen, you only use on special occassions and of course candles. Give her a certificate to her favorite restaurant as a gift. See the table linen at Horchow for ideas below.

3. Tea Time - Is your mommie a tea lover? Set up a mini tea service, on a deck, patio or sunroom with some tea type sandwiches and petit fours. These are only suggestions, if she'd prefer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut in triangles with oreos, do it. Give her a teapot designed w/ her style.

4. Shopping or Spa loving mothers? Bring a mobile boutique to her and let her feel like a celebrity shopping alone. Spa lovers? Bring in a home masseuse, mobile nail and aesthetician technician. Give a gift related to these ideas.

You get the gist. Celebrate at home in style, she'll love the originality and no lines for her belgian waffle.

Here's to all the moms that raised, are raising and are about to raise their kids.
As always contact us for your special and social events.  We can also provide you w/ resources and ideas.

Happy Hosting!
Lisa Elliott

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