Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yeah!!! It's our first THEME TUESDAY and we are doing the theme MAKEUP MADNESS!!
(This works best with a small intimate group)
Makeup Madness is bringing together your besties (best girlfriends) and treating them to some food and a makeup party. We want you to have fun, gain confidence and come away with a natural everyday, evening or glam look. I love having a color scheme for every party or event. So let's go with black and white for this one.

Invite your girlfriends over by mailing them a black, purse size, empty makeup bag and inside include a note with the details of What, When and Where the MAKEUP MADNESS will take place. The anticipation will begin the moment they open the bag.

Cover a long table or nice size coffee table with black tablecloths or sheets. Place a large hand held or stand up mirror in front of each guests seat. Next to the mirrors place black roll up makeup brush holders and add your guests names on each one on a small tag. Have barstools or director chairs ready for the guests when they are having their makeup applied.

Invite a makeup artist over to do makeup and consultations for your guests. Watch the ratio of artists to the number of guests. Have 1 artist to every 4/5 guests. Play games related to makeup. Makeup bingo, Makeup taboo etc. to entertain guests waiting for their make up application. Prizes can be a gift card to Sephora, Ulta or any store that is makeup exclusive with lots of choices.

Have bite size food and 2-3 cocktails. Save yourself time and just have prepared cocktails w/ fun glasses and the bite size food. We will leave this part up to you.  :-)

Add great conversation, enjoy your new look, your besties and a great theme party!

Happy Hosting
Lisa Elliott

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  1. I like this themed idea. This would work well with teenage birthday parties too. You haven't mentioned any costs involved. I suppose, the idea would be to sell makeup or giveout samples at the event?