Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Theme Tuesday - COOKIE BAR

When you want to entertain, but have little funds, are very short on time, allergic to your kitchen or simply don't want to cook anything; turn to an all time favorite, cookies. Yes, cookies dahling. Create a COOKIE BAR!  Have several types of cookies displayed for your guests to nibble or nosh throughout the event. Here's how you do it.

Ok, sorry fellas, this one is for the girls too, but we promise to include you next time...or in the near future. :-)

Invite a few ladies over by sending them a lined index card, the kind recipes used to be written on. On one side list a cookie recipe and the other the details of the party. List the who, what, when and where.  You can let them know how to dress as well with a line for attire. Add something like "Sweets for my Sweets, please join me at (insert your name) Cookie Bar.

Place white or clear platters of small and medium size on a kitchen island or table in a buffet style. Add varying height using cake platters and fill a couple clear cookie jars with the same type of cookies. Cook the cookies or simply pick them up from a bakery or grocery store. Have cold milk in champagne glasses waiting on the table. You can use any pastel color with white to keep it light and airy and not clash with the cookie colors.

Have a blind cookie tasting contest before all the girl talk begins. Give the winner a roll of slice and bake cookies and/or or a pair of cookie cutters. Another game could be to take the guests back in time guessing popular cookies from their generation of the 70's, 80's etc. You'll be surprised at what people remember on a sugar high!

Let your guests dunk until their hearts are content and have a  great time! Here are some cookies you can use, chocolate chip, oatmeal, strawberry coconut and don't forget the OREO's, just our personal favorite. :-)

Happy Hosting!
Lisa Elliott


  1. I have fond memories of The Cookie Monster :)
    Young or old, we all like cookies.

    The Souper

  2. Yum! I'd love a cookie bar at my next party.