Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Books give inspiration

I often refer to books when looking for inspiration for a party. Whether it is for a theme or an idea, I refer to a variety of party planning books, interior design books, art, cooking and even history.  I look at things a whole new way and apply it to invitations, colors palettes, locations and design.  For a party to be memorable it takes a combination of personalization, individuality, details and unique touches. Let's face it, after you reach your mid twenties or early thirties Baby Showers can all feel the same. Staying creatve is easy when you enjoy what you are planning and don't try to hard.  So grab a book and be inspired! Look around and see what you can implement into a great party.  Contact us for planning your party.

Happy Hosting
Lisa Elliott

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  1. Now that you mention baby showers, Last month, I went to a baby shower that was a lot different than what I have been used to.

    It was coed and ever since I was a kid, all of the baby showers that I went to before this one were strictly attended by female guests.

    Also, there were no children allowed at this baby shower. It wasn't until I realized that alcohol was being served that I understood the kid restriction. One of the guests still brought children with her and not one or two....but like eight kids!!! Well, she was encouraged to take those kids away, which she did. I'm not sure if she returned though.

    If that wasn't different, the baby shower games were sure to raise some eyebrows, take people out of their comfort zones, encourage competitiveness and bring on laughter. A few were pretty risque than the average baby game.

    All in all, most of the guests had lots of fun and the guest of honor planned and hosted this all by herself with the help of a few loved ones. It is interesting what she was able to pull off at like 7-8 months along in her pregnancy.

    It was like a big party.

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