Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's Chill

Forgot to chill the wine or bubbly or maybe had no room for all the bottles before your gathering? You may quickly chill a bottle of wine or champagne by placing the bottle in an ice bucket or other tall plastic container. Add a layer of ice on the bottom and sprinkle it with a few tablespoons of Morton ® Salt. Continue to layer salt and ice until it reaches the neck of the bottle. Pour water over mixture until it meets the top layer of ice, let stand for10-12 minutes, open and serve. Rinse ice bucket thoroughly after use to remove any salt residue.  For larger gatherings or big celebrations requiring multiple bottles, use the old college trick and place bottles in your bathtub with ice. Preferably in a bath your guest aren't using. If guest are using that bathroom pull the curtain. You don't need to fill the tub completely with ice, just ensure it is plugged. The ice will melt eventually and provide a cool bath for the bottles throughout the evening. Bottoms up!

Happy Hosting
Lisa Elliott
The Haute Host

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