Saturday, April 23, 2011

Company's Coming!

Having Family & Friends over for any reason is cause for celebration. Don’t let the fun get lost in the preparation of them coming over. Here are a few tips to prepare and reduce the stress of big, small or medium gatherings.

Set the table the night before, or two nights before if you can. The dishes and glasses won’t mind spending the night on a buffet table or dinner table.

When weather is unpredictable, empty out the main closet and have enough empty hangars ready to be used. You can put you and/or your family’s coats on your bed or in a guest room.  Place an umbrella stand or two by the door and make sure you have a doormat to catch any rain, sleet or snow to protect your floors.

Task kids to clean the bathrooms the night before and place extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathrooms throughout the house. I like to make a little pyramid on the tank so there is no question as to where it might be. There is nothing worse than one of your guest reaching for an empty roll in the middle of a party.
Light a large, new scented candle in the bathroom(s) that will burn for a couple hours safely. If you think it is warranted, place a can of air freshner next to the toilet paper pyramid. Add some paper hand towels and your bathroom(s) are guest ready.

Last Call-
Provide your guest with paper containers to take food home if that is what you wish. This helps eliminate everyone spontaneously asking for your aluminum foil and paper platesCheck out  for containers like the ones below.

Hope these tips help!
Happy Hosting
Lisa Elliott
The Haute Host

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  1. I truly enjoyed your tips here. All very practical and helpful. I especially like the one about emptying out the hall closet to make room for the coats etc. I think that is a good idea anytime. Thank you for sharing.