Monday, April 18, 2011

Easier Easter Meal Ideas

Dreading cooking a big Easter dinner? Start a new tradition. Order your meal from your favorite restaurant, do a brunch or a pot luck. Enjoy family and friends and the special time it's meant to be without the stress. Don't spend hours in the kitchen or grocery store.  If you opt for the brunch idea, do half dinner items and mix in some breakfast foods. If the thought of people helping out with the meal made you all tingly inside, assign items to those you know can cook...well :-)  Most people won't mind bringing an item. Ask those guests to come at least 30 minutes prior to the rest of the guest so you can warm up any dishes and/or place them accordingly.
Basic Dinner Ideas (Combination of cooking, restaurant ordering and pot lucking!)
Glazed Ham
Green beans or greeens
Mashed/whipped red, white or sweet potatoes
Small asortment of rolls, biscuits or croissants
Cakes, Pies chocolate bunnies etc. for dessert

Brunch Menu Ideas - Combination of cooking, restaurant ordering, pot lucking
Glazed ham
Green beans or greens
Rice - flavored or wild grain
Fruit mix
Small assortment of rolls, croissants, pastries
Cakes, cupcakes, petit fours

We hope these basics get you in and out of the kitchen promptly. We simply want you to save time, make
memories and enjoy your family and friends.
Don't forget to do an easter egg hunt, play games and savor the time together.

Happy Hosting
Lisa Elliott
The Haute Host

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